Building better schools for a brighter future for all students in Durango!

The Durango 9-R School Board unanimously referred for the November election a bond measure, which if passed will raise $90 million for capital projects and much-needed maintenance for all our public schools with no increase in taxes. A broad-based Campaign Committee - made up of parents, educators, and business and community leaders – has formed to advocate for passage of 4A.

Why Vote Yes?

Colorado School funding is in crisis.

In 1982, Colorado Spent $232 MORE per student than the national average. In 2015, Colorado spent $2,162 LESS per student than the national average.

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Why 4A?

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Over the last 2 years the District's Long-Range Planning Committee - comprised of 9-R staff, Board and community leaders - has been studying long-term district needs. Durango spends its limited capital projects dollars judiciously and appropriately. Unfortunately, Colorado consistently ranks among the lowest in the nation for per-pupil funding, severely limiting the ability to address deferred maintenance, safety features, the latest technology, and air-handling systems that have long been neglected. Quality facilities, lab spaces, and flexible learning environments will better prepare schools and students to

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Necessary capital improvements can be made with NO INCREASE in current property taxes. The 2002 bond is now maturing, providing the opportunity to finance a $90 million bond completely from existing revenues at current tax levels. Given the pressures and hardships facing businesses and families due to COVID, the 9-R School Board only proposed the level of new bonds that could be financed with no tax increase. The injection of $90 million in capital improvements will also provide significant economic stimulus for our local economy.

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All public schools will share in the bond revenues - including our three public charter schools! Funding for maintenance, improvements, and new construction will vary depending on the age and condition of facilities. The School Board is prioritizing health and safety and innovation when assessing projects. By law, capital bond revenues cannot be spent on ongoing operations, only on capital improvements, renovations and construction.

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Safety and Security Measures

• Building school entry vestibules and enhance perimeter safety and improve traffic flow

• Install Columbine-style locks, badge and control access enhancements

• Update fire panels, public announcement systems, security systems and smoke alarms at schools

Deferred Maintenance and Capital Projects

• Replace long-outdated HVAC equipment and retrofitting systems to new, less expensive refrigerant

• Update building management systems for

Durango Community Innovation Center

• State-of-the-art college and career preparedness facility for high school students and the community

• Collaborate with community partners in engineering, computer science, construction, culinary, and business/tourism

high performance and energy efficiency

• Replace leaking roofs, repair exteriors, replace windows, upgrade lighting and electrical systems

• Resurface parking lots, complete site repairs to improve maintainability, and meet ADA requirements

• Renew classroom spaces to provide 21st-century learning across all Durango 9-R schools

Update and Expand Technology

• Implement 1:1 student devices and purchase device management software

• Install fiber optic connection to radio-served schools

• Replace classroom network hubs and wire

• Emphasize career pathways directly to employment that includes concurrent college level courses, industry certifications, portfolio development, and work-based learning/internships that are aligned to student interests and fulfill workforce needs of Durango and Southwest Colorado

overhead projectors for network access

• Prepare for 10Gbps internet transport and upgrade switching and routing equipment

• Conduct server upgrades/migrations

Rebuilding Miller Middle School

• No longer meets educational needs due to increasing enrollment and a deteriorating and outdated facility

• Classrooms are too small, poor configuration, poor acoustics, visual obstructions

• Hazardous conditions from antiquated interior spaces, including classrooms, restrooms, and locker rooms

• Create break-out spaces for small group learning, and career and technical education opportunities

• Create space and configuration for Special education and social and emotional learning spaces


• Purchase 7 school buses to upgrade an aging fleet with average odometer reading of 200k miles

• Reliable and efficient transportation plays a vital role in ensuring access, equity and student success

Charter School Allocation

We are collaborating with local charter schools - Animas High School, Mountain Middle School and The Juniper School - to assess their most urgent capital needs and identify how to share a portion of bond revenue.

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